Scalable. Flexible. Cost effective. Workflow in the cloud.

The procQ difference!

procQ - short for process Queue - is a workflow Platform as a Service or PaaS providing secure, scalable and cost effective workflow functions in the cloud. It is the only true cloud workflow platform with Microsoft Office centric live document automation. Integration of procQ with your data simply takes a few days using our smart rapCcon technology. Once connected, your live data can trigger automated business processes, be merged into Microsoft documents, edited on dynamic web forms and viewed in reports and dashboards on any device, anywhere. It can integrate with and orchestrate your on-premise applications and screens and scale with your business demands.

Reduce human error and add an automated document approval process. Improve accountability by auditing client actions and involving them in your automated processes. Take control by centralising your Microsoft Office I.P. and removing responsibility from individual staff members. Add mobile device friendly reporting to your data and much much more. It's clever, seamless, enterprise grade and highly cost effective business process management. Find out more.